Ethica Accessories Trivia Night

Everyone enjoys a good trivia night session, and everyone enjoys it more when it’s for a good cause.  If you’re a community-minded smarty-pants, and want to support an organisation that helps impoverished women earn an income through the sales of quality goods, head to the Ethica Accessories Trivia Night on Thursday, 16th June at the Isabel Menton Theatre, 11 Mount Street North Sydney.

About the Ethica Accessories Trivia Night

The trivia night on Thursday, 16th June at the Isabel Menton Theatre, 11 Mount Street North Sydney will be the your chance to support the work that Ethica do for the projects in Peru, so that they can continue providing opportunities for education and employment for women and girls in these communities.

The trivia night involves prizes, raffles, food and wine, and products such as alpaca products, bags, cards and more will be available for purchase.  Tickets for the trivia night cost $50 each, and ticket bookings can be made at  Doors open at 7pm for a 7:30pm start.

Ethica Accessories "Inca" bag. Image from Ethica's website.

Ethica Accessories “Inca” bag. Image from Ethica’s website.

What is Ethica Accessories?

The organisation is the fair trade arm of Mary MacKillop International, and their not-for-profit work is endorsed by the Fair traders of Australia.  Ethica assists by helping marginalised and impoverished women in Peru earn a decent income from the hand-crafted products they make, then sell through the Ethica staff here in Australia.  Ethica work directly with four communities in Peru, and each of these communities pay women for their products.  The income they generate from selling through Ethica is used for food, medicine, medical fees and school supplies for themselves and their families.

According to Ethica, they:

  • Recognise people’s desire to work, and therefore believe that it’s better to give marginalised people the tools and resources to help themselves, rather than giving them a handout
  • Work towards creating employment for women who have previously struggled to find a means of earning an income
  • Pay a fair price for the products
  • Place an importance on the social and economic wellbeing of the women they work with
  • Maintain long-term relationships with their producers based on solidarity, trust and mutual respect

Check the Ethica website for details of the products they sell.

Image courtesy of Ethica Accessories

Image courtesy of Ethica Accessories

The trivia night is a great opportunity to spend a fun night with friends while at the same time supporting a worthy cause.

For more information, contact Gina Bradley at or on 02 8912 2716.



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