From Iceland to India … the Sydney Festival is here!

I counted the number of times I stepped inside a plane in 2015 and was done in less than a second because I stepped inside a plane ZERO TIMES in the past 12 months.  Yes, ZERO. Zilch. Zip. Nil. Nada. NOTHING times. No times.

You get it.

Kind of why I love festival season in Sydney. The sun is shining (ish), the weather is sweet (when it’s not thundering or showering) and everyone is still kind of rolling off the high of NYE and Christmas.  I mean, really.  Wanna feel truly festive over the December-January period?  Head to Sydney.  I mean … COME ON.

Which is why I love the Sydney Festival.  It explodes onto our fair city.  Its opening night is often as frantic and frenetic as NYE.  It’s chaotic.  It’s wonderful.  It reaches into the far regions of the metropolitan area.  It has acts and visitors and performances from all over the world, and it reminds me that yes, I may have missed out on stepping onto a plane and getting away in the past 12 months, but when international acts come to Sydney, I heave a sigh of relief.

I’ll be posting about a few acts that would definitely get you outside the world you live in, coz they’re as diverse as they come, and they’re not necessarily based in the CBD.  Check them out below:

Reykjavik Calling: FM Belfast & Hermigervill (Iceland)
Australian Exclusive

Lennox Theatre, Riverside Theatres, 8 January- 8pm (120 mins) $35 General Admission, Standing tickets only.

I think Reykjavik and I think Bjork (naturally), and this hauntingly beautiful book I read back in November called Burial Rites which was based in Iceland.  But that’s it for the Icelandic info and culture I’ve been exposed to.  Prob the samesies for most people.  Can you believe, then, that two Icelandic Electro-pop titans are not only heading to Sydney, but to Parramatta, of all places, like the furthest thing from Reykjavik you can totally think of??

The two Icelandic Electro-pop titans (I’m going to keep using that phrase) in question are FM Belfast (ironically not Irish) and Hermigervill in a show called Reykjavik CallingThere can’t be a more appealing call :)

This is FM Belfast:

And this is a pic of Hermigervill: 

Hermigervill for Sydney Festival 2016

Hermigervill for Sydney Festival 2016

FM Belfast are like a mix of electro beats and pop, like “the gleeful fun of Girl Talk with the bassy drive of Diplo”.  But from Iceland.  Hermigervill is known for his fun live shows, so the whole performance with both acts has been described as “a giant, glittery piñata for your ears”.  Right?!?!? What is this about!!!!

You can book tickets for Reykjavik Calling via 

Maru Tarang (Australia/India)

Lennox Theatre, Riverside Theatres, 10 January – 6pm (75 mins) $35 General Admission. Standing tickets only.

I don’t know any other way to describe Maru Tarang except that they’re a cool mix of Delta blues and Rajasthani folk music.  Here’s a sneak peak:

I didn’t think blues and Indian folk music could be combined like that, but it’s pretty impressive and sounds really cool.  The slide guitar works really well with the strings from the Rajasthani music.  Maru Tarang are esteemed Australian guitarist Jeff Lang and tabla player Bobby Singh, along with two leaders in traditional Rajasthani music, sarangi master Asin Langa, and khartal virtuoso Bhungar Manganiyar.  It’s a hauntingly beautiful mix of hypnotic rhythms and mesmerising vocals.

You can book your tickets for Maru Tarang via


Images from Sydney Festival promoters

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