Jamestown! Where recycled rhythm and dance collide :)

Lucky Lartey (Mother Tongue 2014, On the Cusp 2014, Dance Africa Dance 2013, Short + Sweet Dance 2013), a dancer from Accra, Ghana, teams up with Yacou Mbaye, Ben Kidson and Nancy Denis to bring this year’s Sydney Fringe a piece of his hometown in Jamestown! a 50 minute explosion of energy, music and dance.

The Jamestown Collective’s last night of performance is 20th September at New Theatre (542 King St, Newtown) at 3pm, and will change everyday objects and turn them into elements of percussion, acrobatics and dance, inspired by everyday life in Africa. Jamestown! is an original work and concept developed by Lucky Lartey, dancer and choreographer, in collaboration with the Jamestown Collective.


The inspiration for Jamestown! originates from the sights and sounds of Accra, Ghana, West Africa, where daily life is filled with vibrant music, rhythm and dance. In 2014, Lucky went to Ghana to direct the community of Jamestown’s first arts and culture festival. The community heaved with audiences young and old, coming out to entertain in ways of the past and today, making music from cans, buckets, drums, crates and shoes.

Fuelled by the passion and rawness of the creativity in his hometown, Lucky brings Sydney a slice of the rhythm. In Jamestown! the village atmosphere is recreated as the audience gets up close to the music making in a fast paced, action packed show for the whole family.


Lucky could not resist the music of his roots and neither will you. In the catchiest show of the year, Jamestown! moves you with a vibrant combination of tap dance, junk percussion and acrobatics. Jamestown! will have the New Theatre rocking with a purpose built, interactive set and a team of musicians and dancers at the top of their game, feeling the beat from across the globe.

Catch Jamestown! on Sunday, 20th September for its last show.  Details below:

VENUE: New Theatre, 542 King St, Newtown

DATES: Sun 20 Sep 3pm (Run time: 50mins, no interval)

To book tickets: www.sydneyfringe.com or www.newtheatre.org.au

Full $26.50 I Concession $21.50 I Child (under 12) $15

JAMESTOWN COLLECTIVE from Lucky lartey on Vimeo.


All images and video courtesy of Jamestown! promoters

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